DESTINATION LIGHT with Martha Anne St. Claire, M.A.

Welcome to DESTINATION LIGHT and thank you for visiting my website!

img_2388_-_version.enhancedMy wondrous near-death experiences have filled me with a passionate and sacred desire to share the magnificent love and blessings that God has for each one of us. I offer down-to-earth services that can truly heal, transform, and accelerate your life’s journey.
I am available for recorded phone consultations, offering skilled, practical guidance and intuitive insight that can truly streamline your life. I can assist you with current life issues and help to bring clarity and direction to any situations or decisions you may be facing, as well as, bring healing to your past and nourishment to your soul. I am an Angelic Messenger, relaying what I receive for you and your loved ones. Please see my services page for further information. I look forward to connecting with you.


homeI specialize in major life transitions, including the death of loved ones and pets. Having a natural gift of spiritual mediumship, I often bring comfort and connection for clients and loved ones who have passed over, including pets.

My life purpose is to bridge heaven and earth, bringing divine love, awakening, insight, and comfort regarding end of life, death, and dying issues, as well as, to assist in bringing healing and support to the dying and those in grief. I seek to bring education, inspiration, and awareness to the global community and to assist in lessening humanity’s fear of death. I would love to come speak to your group about the wonders of the near-death experience, its purpose for earth now, and more!


As we come together as a global community during this often challenging, yet transforming and powerful time on earth, may you be inspired and richly blessed. May you know that you are never alone, that divine help is always available, that the angels adore you, and that great love, healing grace, and awakening are with you now.

I am delighted and honored to assist you on your special journey. I hold you in prayer and divine light. You are wrapped in the arms of infinite love and ONENESS. Know that your life has unlimited possibility! You are truly deeply loved, more than you know..


Love and blessings,

Martha Anne