Autumn in Northern California


It’s been a busy summer and suddenly it seems, a lovely autumn season here in northern California. Beautiful vineyards are full of gorgeous colors and it’s a sight to behold.


Our planet and lives are rapidly changing and it seems some of us feel like we are holding on for a wild ride and even for dear life. It simply isn’t business as usual even if some things appear the same. There is an undercurrent, something new in the air, something’s up for sure. But what? That seems to be a matter of opinion.

If we look to the outer world for confirmation we may find it down right depressing and seriously gloomy. Yet, there is always darkness before the dawn and there is no time like the present to quiet ourselves when we can and seek that “still small voice” within. Remember, what you may be feeling may not be simply “your own stuff.” If you are a senstiive soul, you may have picked up on others’ energies, moods, or emotions which are good to release. Mother Earth is a living being, needing to release and evolve also, thus increasing earth changes continue to happen and affect many. What isn’t personal, surely can seem so.

I send you warm greetings as we head into a special time of All Souls’ Day and later on, Thanksgiving.

Blessings to you,

Martha Anne