Greetings, Dear Hearts!


Is the summer flying by, or is it just my perception? I’ve been in the midst of life’s up’s (seeing family, traveling, loving visits from grandchildren, and enjoying working with client friends), and down’s- (surgery that is over and behind me now). I have let my busy schedule keep me from more detailed blogging, however I wanted to take the time to send you this lovely image of Archangel Michaelmichael-3-1_2.jpg, who provides us all with great, loving protection. Just call upon him and he’ll be there! Sounds like a love song, yes? This incredible work of art was created by an amazing soul and sacred artist, Nanette Crist. View her truly divine, light-filled art and website at:


This has been an intense summer with one solar eclipse and two lunar eclipses. Life can move at warp speed. You are deeply loved by Spirit. Ask for help, drink of the divine healing waters… We need not “do” this earthly time alone. I send great love and light to you.

Until next time,