Holiday Greetings!


May the true spirit of this holy season bless you from deep within. As we approach the shortest day of the year and winter equinox, may the scared light of the divine burn ever brightly within your soul, bringing you peace and hope, no matter what your faith may be. Great light comes now, comes now for us all.xmas-tree.jpg


While I love this sacred season, a crisp fire, and an occassional beautiful snow fall, I often find winter most challenging with it’s shorter, darker days, and cold temperatures. It’s been unusually cold these last few weeks in much of the USA and in the Pacific Northwest and my body says, enough already, as I dream of some tropical place! How about you? May we keep the inner sacred home fire burning and share it, too. The world needs, more than ever, our LIGHT!


I recently went to hear author Mike Dooley speak at the historic Bagdad Theater in Portland. Some of you may know of Mike through his current bestseller, Infinite Possiblities or from his free emails called “Notes from the Universe “, which always seem to be speaking just to me! (Amazingly, many say the same thing). 100_3624.jpgIt was a pleasure to meet Mike as he signed books and also to hear him lecture; he’s wise, warm, and infinitely witty….100_3625_2_2.jpg












May you find joy in the simple things this season and make time for them- a good book by a cozy fire, time spent with a special loved one, looking into the eyes of a beloved pet.. Perhaps giving yourself the gift of a long-overdue, soothing massage or energetic healing may be most timely. Speaking of healing, I have received, via the phone, the most divinely inspired and magnificient energetic healings from Christina McEntire, thejoyfulhealer2a.jpg.jpega lovely and extremely gifted soul. We have been working together for many months and her amazing work has made a significant difference in my health and well-being on many levels. Her truly precious angelic gifts await you now!


Know that the angels love you and are with you right now and that no matter what you may be experiencing, you are more loved and cared for than you likely know. We are never alone. You are so very, very loved and adored! Take heart, dear one, take heart.. xmas.jpg

With eternal love,