IANDS Conference- San Diego, CA 

October 15th-17th, 2009

100_3514.jpgsandiegoskyline.jpgWhat a wonderful time we all had gathering together to see old friends and meet new ones, in balmy, beautiful San Diego.  As usual, great speakers, great topics, and deep connections made for a wonderful conference, not to mention the really good food! Not all who attend these conferences have had near-death experiences, in fact many have not.  Yet, we are bound by our curiosity and/or love for the subject, our often unspeakable deep feelings about it, and dare I say, the urge to merge, with others of like mind. I truly never tire of hearing about others’ NDE (near-death experience) stories which move me deep within, remind me of my own NDEs, fascinate me, and call me home. I am happy to share with you, photos of special friends and connections from our time together.


Here I am (right side) with the dedicated Diane Corcoran, current IANDS president.


Here is my dear friend, Yolaine Stout, who worked for months to make it a great conference! You go girl!


Eric, Linda, and Stephen enjoy dinner together. Thank you for your great contributions in San Diego! Thanks Linda, for your awesome leadership!



Sharon Lund and Beverly Brodsky smile at the huge success of the conference… They worked night and day to make it so! Whew, I guess these angels needed little sleep!

See you all at the next conference! www.iands.org