Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, Big Sur & More..


     Thank you for your email. It’s been fun to connect. Oh, how the summer has flown by, it seems! Things I intended to share, are nearly out of date now. Life is busy for most, including for me. I am in the midst of planning a move and I have enjoyed cleaning out big time.

     Clear your clutter, move your stuff, change your life! Does your environment reflect the you that you are becoming? Things hold stuck energy. Let go and create anew, allowing more abundance on every level to flow in. Perhaps it’s time for you to shift in a massive way. I can promise that cleaning out the old will facilitate that! Hanging on to old furnishings or stuff out of fearful thinking regarding money (how can I afford to replace that?) or an over-attachment to the past, can truly keep one IN the past. If you don’t love it, get rid of it! If it’s from a former life (in this life), consider making room for your future expanded self and life and say adios to whatever!

     In July, I attended a wonderful wedding, visiting California’s lovely Monterey peninsula and majestic, famed Big Sur, that had previously been engulfed by fire. The area is on the mend and the community, so happy to be healing and in the flow again, warmly greeted all with open arms.

A sweet deer, now safe from flames in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park.


The Big Sur Garden Gallery entrance, with the Blessed Virgin Mary, displayed lovingly inside. Tourists and locals alike, once again enjoy great local art and look forward to completely fresh air and blue skies.

100_1588.jpg 100_1581.jpg

Lastly, the recent lunar eclipse was a magical event and the autumn equinox promises more major transformation.  See my resources page for a list of excellent astrologers, if you feel so led.

Bye for now and best wishes!