Summer Solstice


Dearest Ones,

May the sun shine in your life and may the light of the divine shine ever strongly within you…

In the midst of these extremely challenging times, indeed historic times upon our planet, hold fast to your faith, inner strength, and innate wisdom. For thou art never alone. In these “end times” we are actually ascending our spiritual bodies into higher dimensions on earth. We are dying to the old and yet, we no longer have to die and pass to heavenly realms, to do so. We are consciously (and for some, unconsciously), co-creating heaven on earth and what a wild ride it is, seemingly unknown to much of the world. However, the world certainly knows that something is UP!

The ascension process affects us hugely on every level, mind, body, and spirit. Channels Solara and Karen Bishop, in my opinion, have an accurate “take” on the pulse of the world. I honor these gifted and dedicated women, by sharing their nuturing and wise work with you, through their website links: , 

May your summer be filled with all that makes your spirit sing!

With love,

Martha Ann