Visiting Sacred Puget Sound


Hello Friends,

Recently I traveled north for a special family event, spending time in Seattle, a place I’ve always enjoyed. There is something about the waters of Puget Sound 100_3252.jpgand the beautiful surrounding land that feels very sacred to me. Sure, there is lots of traffic and great city life, and in addition, something more captures me.. (One of these days, I am going to visit San Juan and the other islands in the area. I hear them calling my name!). For now, back to Seattle- I had fun visiting the famed, thriving, and very (very) popular, Pike Place Market. Many funky shops, a farmer’s market, a variety of ethic (and of course seafood) restaurants, cafes, yummy treats, naturally- great Seattle coffee, wine tasting, even a fortune teller, and so much 100_3266.jpgmore are to be found in this unique, historic, magical part of Seatte. If you love to people watch or take endless photos, this is the place, just pick a time when it’s a bit less crowded. By the way, I did not intend my blog to turn into a travel log! So much moves my heart and soul these days. There is much I want to share.. Perhaps a little trip is in your future. I find that getting away, even for a night, can be refreshing and shift the energies, so to speak. We all need a change of scenery and to break up our routine a bit. It’s the old, “What I Did on My Summer Vacation” thing.. No doubt about it, more than ever, transformation is the name of the game. Big time. Like a shooting star coming to a theater near you, only within you.100_3261.jpg Bless you dear ones. You are never alone. Never without help. Never without answers to your burning questions. You are loved and adored. Speak only of the life you want to live. Your words have magic. Your words have power. Your words are the creative genius giving voice to your soul. Hear what you say. Hear what you truly want. Hear and listen. Thy Divine Father, Thy Divine Mother love you in a place where there is no space and time, in the now and forever, in the sacred inner recesses of thy heart, in the beauty of thy being, apparent flaws and all. Reach, reach far and wide. Now is the time. Now is the call for YOU to come forth, to be all that you truly are, to be all that your soul is designed to be. It is safe to be free, to be happy, and whole. Sit with us, sit with us in joy and light. The angels love you so…..

With great love,