Women on Sacred Ground- In the Williamette National Forest


100_3012.jpgI am still glowing from attending Eugene’s Center for Spiritual Living’s annual women’s retreat, recently, at St. Benedict’s Lodge, 100_2970.jpgon the beautiful Mc Kenzie River, outside of Eugene, Oregon. How magical it was indeed, when about 50+ women came together for retreat, prayer, meditation, reflection, fellowship (or should I say womenship!), music, fun, yummy food, fireside chats, country walks, and more… Consciously loving & supporting ourselves and one another, as we acknowledged and healed the past and aligned ourselves more clearly with sacred intentions for the future, all in the power of the “Divine NOW.” 100_2967.jpgBlessed be the divine feminine, so crucial on our planet at this time! May the grace and mercy of the Divine Mother shine upon you and bring you peace, now and forever more…

As summer approaches, it’s a great time to go within. Better yet, go within, outside. Surely there is a special place calling your name!


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