Japan Earthquake and My NDE – The Time is NOW

It is no accident that our souls are on earth NOW. Can you feel things accelerating? Something BIG- HUGE is happening. The energies are very intense and moving along at warp speed. Staying anchored, trusting, full of light and prayers and expecting the best while preparing for the worst is the name of the game.. We are all in this together and there is no turning back. No kidding. Here we go. The earth is transforming into a higher consciousness.. This is the time that many of us were born for and have been preparing for from deep within our souls…..

The above words come from my inner most being as I have viewed the devastation in Japan. It’s totally surreal for me to have seen water rising over Japan in my 1974, NDE and now it’s actually happened. I spoke about this on the NBC special, Ancient Prophecies III, hosted by David Mc Callum in 1994. Many throughout history have had premonitions or a sense of prophecy about the coming earth changes and huge planetary shift that is clearly happening now.

While we pray for humanity and those suffering, let us keep in mind the bigger picture. There is more to come and yet there is great light. WE ARE ONE and were born for these times. May we pray for Japan…

Yes, years ago I saw a future Japan going under water, as well as other earth changes (click and scroll to NDE visions of future). http://www.near-death.com/forum/nde/000/77.html

Such changes bring massive waves of divine love to our planet for all and yet great suffering also. Only God knows the whole story. We are co-creating heaven on earth. Let’s stay strong, sending love and prayers. We are in the times that so many have predicted. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

You are very loved,

Martha (St. Claire, formerly Musgrave)

Marth St. Claire