• The Blue Star December 28, 1996 - by Archangel Michael Deep within your being there is a light so precious it defies the active imagination. Wanderlust is a gift given from the source of who you are, the  true radiant being within you. Dear ones, you have… Continue Reading
  • The Beloved Comes January 1, 1995 - I take my hunger and I feast upon the Power and the Light. I am blessed by the Heavens and the Gods. I am returned to the Infinite, where I am One with the holy ocean. The storms of life… Continue Reading
  • India May 3, 1984 - I Land of the rising sun out of the east shining, blazing. Oh, heat of day oh, merciless orange blaze you make me thirst for truth you set my heart ablaze. Wretched dry earth my heart dusty, stale. Pain now… Continue Reading
  • In the Heat of the Sun January 1, 1976 - I In the heat of the sun on a hot summer’s morn I arise and I see thee, my Lord.In the awakening air of the crispness I dare to arise and love thee, my Lord.Come hither the night I awaken… Continue Reading