A Message from Archangel Michael 


Greetings upon this sacred day. In the midst of your busy life, we beseech thee to take time for thy own self.

We speak of the human self and also thy SACRED SELF. If not in action, then in thought. Whereby your thoughts and your intentions have impact, power and sacred magic, you can alter the course of your reality by trusting and knowing that is so. Do not look necessarily for evidence of this in your ordinary reality and space, although surely it may show there. Look within, to thy SACRED SELF, to the messages within thee and for thee, to that “still small voice” and to your hunches, indeed to that inner light and connection to Mother-Father God who loves you forever more. Look to that DIVINE inner presence, the SACRED I AM, indeed the I AM THAT I AM, as Jesus so sweetly spoke of- yet, many heard and did not understand the true meaning behind his majestic words. You have a guiding light, an inner compass, that truly can and will direct you, as surely as day follows night. Trust and know that you and thy Father/Mother are ONE. I am with thee forever more and my light shines brightly upon you this day. Feel my love & my radiant blue light protecting you & blessing you NOW dear one.

I walk with thee…You are so loved, so very, very loved.