Beloved Obama and The Dalai Lama

Greetings! My life is busy-busy, since I am in the midst of an out-of-state move. I send you each warm regards and best wishes, as we approach the ending fall season in America. It is a time to count our blessings and to seek to bring intentional healing for ourselves and others, in whatever ways we can. Thoughts, actions, intentions, and prayers make a difference! What are you thinking, doing, and intending these days?

The USA has experienced something profound, with the election of Barack Obama and his heart-felt desire to unify ALL people. Mr. Obama and his family are beings of great light and sacred intention, destined to serve at this time in our nation’s history.

Even if Senator Obama was not your first choice for our next president, we need to pray for the newly evolving leadership in America (and abroad), and that we, as a nation, can be fully healed on every level as we move into intense, life-altering, unprecedented years of radical, global transformation. Let us SEE, FEEL, and INTEND harmony for ALL, in every way, creating infinite blessings world-wide. We are ONE. The time is vastly overdue for peace and sacred unification, personally and globally. The times not only ARE a changin’, as we said in the 60’s, they suddenly HAVE changed! Yet, we have a long way to go! Don’t be fooled by first impressions, yet hold the vision of TOTAL healing in your heart and mind’s sacred eye.

What are your deepest dreams? I hold those visions for you, no matter what hardships may be temporarily transpiring in your life. While things are surely not “business as usual”, the sky is still the limit! What may be breaking your heart today, could actually set you free tomorrow.

Stay in touch with your soul and know that a thousand candles of love burn from invisible realms for YOU. We are never, ever alone. Seek and ye shall find. If you are too weary to seek, surrender, surrender, surrender. Your inner voice, be it loud or barely a whisper, is now being heard. Know and trust- and trust, yet again.

With love and light,