In the Heat of the Sun

In the heat of the sun
on a hot summer’s morn
I arise and I see thee, my Lord.In the awakening air
of the crispness I dare
to arise and love thee, my Lord.Come hither the night
I awaken in flight
I reach out my arms, my Lord.I love thee, I do
I cherish the hue
your colors, your splendor, your form.

Come call me now
I beckon the chance
to partake of your dance, my Lord.Come through the chill
come yonder until
I can love with your warmth, my Lord.Be it dusk or dawn
though time’s moved on
I see thee all around, my Lord.

I know thee thou art
I am a part
of the music I hear, my Lord.

The universe rings
she sings mellow things
a glorious rhythm of love.

I hear her I do
I answer on cue
her heartfelt colors of song.

I am reborn
on this wonderful morn
hear me, come take me
I am yours.

The universe rings
and chants all things
we love, we love
and adore.

Mystical times
shower our light
and spread delight
electric currents of life.

March on, march on
your spirit’s the song
your breath, the heart beat of life.

The time is now
hasten the call
of truth, power, and light.

Sing my song
spread the word
make your action heard
speak truth, from the center of light.

Be open and free
have clarity in me
be clear in yourself
just the same.

Your universe sings
you say all things
you are love
an eternal flame.

As the children come
they fall, they run
spirits of morning’s sun.

Heed their call
love them all
know and trust
in each one.

Be at peace my dears
set aside all fears
trust, be joyous, and free.

Accept and know
life’s magical glow
her truth, her divinity.

There is time and chance
to pray and dance
your stage is set, now come.

Be awake
be alive
for love is inside
come up, life’s on the run!

Mt. View, California