Abundance Flows

In spite of media woes about the state of the economy, we live in a prosperous universe. I had a fun reminder of this recently at the neighborhood car wash. The place I frequent offers free car washes, inside and out, when purchasing an oil change and maintenance check. However, there is more to the story.. The other morning, while driving around doing errands, I gave thanks for the beautiful day,  for the good coming my way, and for blessings upon all. Noting that an oil change was due, I pulled into the oil and lube lane and was delighted to see that there was no wait. I asked for a rain check regarding the car wash, knowing that I had thirty days to use it, since I did not really need one now. Next, I went inside to pay and thanks to their smart marketing, I began browsing in the cute gift shop, while waiting for my car to be finished. While inside, one of the employees ran up to me, asking if I wanted fragrance in my car. I reminded him that I had taken a rain check for the car wash. So, he raced outside to see if he could stop my car going through. He came back and said, “I’m sorry, it’s too late. Your car has already been vacuumed and is being washed right now.” Translated: “You are being given a gift right now, the gift is in process, and it cannot be stopped!”

My first reaction was that things were not going as planned; my car having been washed recently, did not need this, and I would have to wait longer, in the midst of my busy day. Boy, did I have the wrong spin on that, when I next realized, “Wait a minute. I am not only getting a free car wash today, I am also still entitled to another free car wash in the weeks ahead.” Evidently, I was too busy to see the gift in the situation. I had not expected it, but my car was headed toward its destined good, with a little unexpected prosperity headed my way. (Car wash prices here, start at $18.99, and I was going to receive my “freebees” twice). Smiling at the attendants, as I happily put cash in the tip box, I climbed into my shiny clean car, and drove off having received my greater good, my unexpected gift, with all resistance gone. Not to mention, that perhaps my warm smile and tip brightened their day, too.

The point of my story is not about the car wash prices, but this: In the midst of our daily lives, there are all kinds of ways that prosperity flows to us, if we can but open our minds and hearts, and see it. Your blessings may come in the form of money, in the form of something free, or in kind words, deeds, or gestures from another; the list is infinite!

With so much buzz out there about the “hard times” we are facing and for some of us, the apparent economic reality with which we are dealing, on a daily basis, it’s important, more than ever, to increase our faith, our expectations, and our dreams of a happy and prosperous life. Thoughts become things!

Some find it fun and uplifting to keep a daily gratitude and blessing journal of sweet things that have happened each day. If we but open our eyes, the list is there! What about the waitress who quite intentionally did not charge you for dessert? What about the baby in the stroller who gave you an extra big smile? What about the gentleman at the grocery store who suggested that you go ahead of him?

Love is in the air and magic is afoot! Prosperity flows and is flowing to you now. Dear hearts, it’s coming your way, no matter what your situation! Things can turn for the better on a dime! I know this from personal experience. True prosperity is about so much more than money. I was happy to have an unexpectedly cleaner car, but my real joy came from the feeling of being immersed in life’s underlying flow of good, that I attracted and experienced, even if I was oblivious for a time.

I’d love to hear news of your abundant blessings! Perhaps I will start a web page devoted totally to the abundant flow of good that comes our way..