Bringing Back the Light

I am writing to you in the midst of my “after-glow”   from having recently participated in the Near-Death Experiencers’ Annual Retreat, at Mercy Center, near   St. Louis, MO. What a time we had! More soon about that, but for now, here is a group painting we all did; twenty-five of us flowing our energies onto canvas, while being allowed to paint over others’ work. It is beautiful, yes? I painted an angel. Can you find her? (We will be marketing this art on mugs, t-shirts, or cards for a fundraiser. Let me know if you are interested!).

Sometimes I am at a loss for words to adequately describe the amazing personal and group transformation that often happens when souls such as ourselves come together to share, to open our hearts to Spirit, and to quite intentionally love one another and our Earth family, through sharing, ritual, prayer, and fun! The healing energy and divine love and power that was felt, as we held hands, drummed, and more, was amazing. It was as if the LIGHT that we all had experienced on the “other side” had been reactivated in the room and through each one present. We came away feel totally “recalibrated.” …Very, very “shifted” indeed, and more ready than ever, to give the best of ourselves to our personal and global paths.

We were delighted to conclude our retreat during the auspicious time of the “Wesak” full moon. Wesak is a yearly holiday that marks the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Gautama Buddha. It is celebrated during the first full moon that occurs while the sun is in Taurus, which means that it generally falls on the date of the first full moon in late April or May. The festival of Wesak is Buddhist in origin, but people of all faiths and backgrounds have welcomed and observed this annual tradition, including us! We had a magical time, as we silently walked the lovely labyrinth at Mercy Center, holding prayerful intentions, as the full moon in Scorpio, rose high in the Missouri sky, shining her sacred light over our beloved planet. Maybe next time, you will be joining us!

In daily life, there is so much love to be shared, given,    and received. Yet, it is so easy to have that reality become over-shadowed by the demands of our everyday lives, the intensity of the times in which we live, and the enhanced negativity put forth by the media. Reach out. Give even a   little, gain a lot.  We never know when our simplest words or actions might very well bring blessings and healing to another, in ways perhaps unknown to us.

There are a lot of wonderful people living on our planet who want to help others through tough times. We are not alone. Seek and ye shall receive! Your Higher Sacred Self knows just what to do and how to help you in any time of need. Be still, become open, and listen. It will be alright, no matter what you are facing. Time heals and we are all deeply, deeply loved by the holy creator that hath made us! Perhaps we will see you at the next retreat!

With love and light,