Autumn Blessings to You

A brief “Indian Summer” has temporarily returned to this ol’ neck of the woods, making me such a happy camper, even if I am indoors.

My Muggsy kitty is snoozing contendedly on the guest bed in my office, in his favorite sun spot and all is well in his world.

Outside on my front patio, the flowers continue to show their glorious summer colors, as if our cool fall nights had not even happened, nor the gray skies and typical northwest drizzily skies of late.

I am thinking of you all and wishing for you a wonderful fall season during this magical and most intense time as we each invisibly ascend into higher realms and continue to inhabit a physical body, AND to be on mother earth while she indeed ascends, also! That is the short version. My, oh my!

I hold each one in prayer and know that for myself, prayer is the light and connection that sustains us. Prayer need not happen in a set way. It is the song in your heart and your innermost thoughts and feelings in union with the divine. You are never alone…..

I am not sure when we will meet again in my blog space, since other things are calling to me and yet, know that you are never far from my heart and thoughts. I’ve enjoyed blogging and we can look forward to a freshly installed blog format in 2011.


With love,


Marth St. Claire