Your Pets in Heaven Still Love You

On April 28, 2010, I had my precious Bubba put to sleep in my arms at home, after an intimate ceremony with my other cat, Muggsy, the vet Amile, her assistant Jen, and various angels…

Bubba was 16 years old and lived a happy, long life. I adopted him from the Portland, Oregon, Humane Society when he was about three years old and it was so meant to be. We were kindred spirits immediately. Later, when I brought Muggsy home as a kitten, Bubba was very kind to him and they became instant life-long buddies, in spite of Muggsy’s crabby ways.

We all adjusted to life in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Santa Rosa, California, and Eugene, Oregon, not to mention the sometimes frequent car rides for vet visits and/or relocation and the noisy, chaotic love of grandchildren that left Muggsy hiding in panic and Bubba being lovingly, but not often skillfully, dragged around the house by eager children.

Bubba was a wise old soul and we communicated often and still do, literally, about Muggsy and other things. Sometimes I feel his love around my shoulders and heart especially and I can hear his calm, wise counsel for me, if I but let go and listen. I have always found it easier to tune into pets that are not my own and yet, in our later days, I was able to do so and for that I am most grateful.

In his last days, he reminded me to keep my heart open to future love and to not shut down due to my intense grieving. Only pet lovers can know what such loss is like, for they give us pure unconditional love and bond with us in a way that defies description. I have had cats all of my life who have slept on my bed, at times disturbed my sleep, and yet brought great love and fun into my life.

Some connections are especially strong; my grief over Bubba was huge and it’s taken months for me to be able to write about this. Yet, time really does heal and now I share Bubba’s energy with you. Bubba wants you to know that your beloved pets in heaven are alright, are filled with light, and want you to be happy.

You are not alone if you have lost a beloved pet. Their love endures forever and is eternal. Pets are remarkable beings and some are truly ancient, masterful beings and special souls who come to look after us and teach us so much. Such was Bubba.

Know that our pets, truly family members, are in heaven now and are but a prayer or thought away. They really do hear us, look after us, and adore us still. They are comforted by our prayers and positive thoughts of them and want us to move on with love in our hearts, while staying connected to the great love shared.

Because they are on the “other side”, does not mean they do not need our love and prayers, yet, that is without obligation or heartache. It’s just a happy wish on their parts.

In my counseling sessions, I often tune into pets here and in heaven. I’d be happy to tap into the great love your pets have for you and to connect with them as well.

Muggsy is healing, too. We all do, with the grace and blessings of time.

Perhaps it’s time for you to welcome a new pet into your life? Did you know that petting an animal lowers one’s blood pressure? My M.A. in Gerontology thesis, was entitled,   “The Healing Effects of Pet Therapy for the Elderly.”  This work was truly a labor of love.

Thinking of you,

Martha, Bubba, and Muggsy



Marth St. Claire