Hope in Transforming Times – Mt. Shasta

Hello, friends. I just returned from two weeks in beautiful Oregon, my birth place, in the pacific northwest. Along the way, I experienced one of the most sacred mountains in the world, beloved Mt. Shasta, in northern California.

Can words possibly address the nature of life in the world these days? We are in the midst of mighty global transformation and it is no more evident than in the USA, in the nitty gritty economic and political scene. To some, this is not a surprise, long predicted by many “authorities” in the mainstream, as well as in more metaphysical circles for eons of time. I could lighten the mood and call it “Cosmic PMS.” This is a huge topic to address in the confines of my blog and busy schedule, but I can’t help but say, I fully know and believe that a higher power is in charge.

If you are going through an intense time, be sure to get enough rest, eat right, take time to be quiet and still, and to be in nature, if possible. Don’t allow yourself to be saturated by negative people or by the extreme gloominess flying from the media, aimed directly at you, in your cozy kitchen, sacred space, I-Pod, or car! Don’t believe everything you hear or read. Don’t lose hope, your faith, the power of your inner guidance, your common sense, or shut down to the great love always available for you. Guarding against others’ emotional outpouring is wise, indeed. That headache or heartache you feel, may not be your own! See the light through the clouds of illusion. Fear and anxiety will greatly reduce the good that is in each moment and waiting to come to you. Treat any hard times as temporary and a chance to be a mighty warrior for great goodness in your life and in the world. Wonder if you soul chose to be born at this particular time in history? Wonder if this is the perfect time to bring forth your soul’s higher purpose and to no longer settle in any way?! Wonder if, in spite of dire predictions, a more bountiful life of freedom is just around the corner for you, your loved ones, and/or anyone? Can you say for sure it is not? If we keep doing what we have always done, we will get what we’ve always gotten, for better and worse.
America will once again be experiencing history in the making, in this extremely vital presidential election coming soon. Let’s make our voices count, keeping in mind that we are all children of the divine, no matter what the political party! Let’s remember that and not add to the extreme, mean-spirited, ego-fueled energies happening on the political front. Whatever happened to the golden rule? And, do I want a particularly vibrant someone to be our next president? You betcha!! OBAMA.

I align with you for personal and planetary freedom. May your souls be richly blessed in all ways. It is never too late to be who you truly are, more beautiful and special than you can possibly fully imagine. We are not our egos, our pain, or the roles we take on. We are a unique, special spark of the almighty divine presence, passionate, creative, and meant to live life fully, in freedom and joy. Your expanded consciousness fills you with love and eternal knowing, now. Keep on keeping on…