Welcoming Summer

We are surely living in intense times. The recent full moon, Summer Solstice, and certain astrological aspects have been over-the-top magical and transforming, and yet, in my opinion, not easy. We are certainly living in the midst of greatly accelerated “earth changes” as evidenced all over the planet. Here in California, we are having many wildfires, while the Midwest is having too much water and flooding. Needless to say, prayers are in order. May grace, mercy, and healing prevail.

    Dear ones, ground yourselves the best that you can, take time to fill yourselves with light and to tap into the Divine Love and Sacred Presence that is always present. Ask for help, and keep on, keeping on with courage and hope. Filling your light bodies with more light will help enormously, and indeed there are times when we have no emotional choice, but to surrender on our knees, literally or inwardly. Surrender is a great idea, anyway.

    Make the most of the windows of opportunity that come and know that you make a difference, even if it doesn’t look or feel like it at times. We are living in an almost lyrical time in our dimension when things can manifest very quickly, from our thoughts and intentions, and from overall mass consciousness.  Prayer and inner-attunement seems essential, even if it’s done while brushing your teeth, ready to run out the door for more life in the fast lane.

    I have found that toning can be very useful to uplift one’s vibration and clear the mental and emotional body, while refreshing the spirit. Just open your mouth and go for it, perhaps in the car when alone! At first, if you have never done this before, it may sound goofy to you, but it can be oh, so powerful and is one of the quickest ways that I know of to shift your energy fast and to feel more empowered, grounded, and available to receive the love and light that so wants to expand within you and for you, on your daily journey.

    You might just be surprised and delighted with what you find yourself uttering from your own precious voice and throat chakra. Each soul has its own unique “soul song” and “soul voice” and getting in touch with one’s own true voice can be extremely healing and of great comfort. Don’t be surprised if you hear different sounds at different times.

    This summer, indeed, is most transformative and fast moving on so many levels. The veils between dimensions are ever so thin, creating extreme sensitivity within some of us. While often causing discomfort, this also can have wonderful impact on our lives, since great portals or gateways from “heavenly” higher realms have opened in almost unlimited fashion, as sacred ascension within us and in our planet, transcends previously held tight boundaries in the physical. The universe is shouting at us, get on board, you can do it, whatever it is! It’s time to leave the old you and your past behind! Adios old self! Adios former life!

    I leave you now, sending prayers and sacred healing intentions for each one, for everyone in this great historic time on Mother Earth…