The Beloved Comes

I take my hunger and I feast upon the Power and the Light. I am blessed by the Heavens and the Gods. I am returned to the Infinite, where I am One with the holy ocean. The storms of life are quieted by the Holy Sacred Presence within. My chains are loosened and I am free, not by might or right, but by the Fiery Sacred Presence whom I love and adore and who adores me.

The Beloved comes in the night, when we least expect it, pouring his/her ever so sweet nectar upon our weariness. We are lifted to another place in time where the Angels prance on Heavenly Light, where ancient memories of our infant God souls, were siphoned out into the universe and we once again return to the Infinite and the One.

Dear ones, we greet you in love and in light. With profound interest we come into your vibration this day, certainly not to startle you, but to alert you to the coming changes, the coming events on Tara, Mother Earth. First of all, we would have you know, contrary to popular belief, that you are always in the right place at the right time. So indeed, yes for the coming noted trials and tribulations, as some beings wish to call it, you too, shall be in the right place at the right time.

For your soul, your very spirit essence has dictated the moment of arrival, the very moment of your birth and incarnation upon this planet. It is no accident what is taking place and what shall take place and no accident that you seek higher guidance during these increasingly challenging times.

For deep within, each one has a blueprint of its soul’s path and the soul’s agenda for this lifetime. It is written in the records or soul record and it is encoded in the very cells, the very DNA of the physical body. Certain codes are instilled with what might be viewed as an “alert system” to be activated at particular stages of development in a soul’s life and at a particular “stress” points along the way. One could say that the decade of the nineties is an extended stress point and indeed it is, on into the new age, particularly until 2016, with 2012 being a crucial milestone.

This is good news for God’s children (meaning all on earth), who have deeply encoded within the subconscious, the memory banks, the physical body’s DNA, a “backup” system to awaken the soul, especially at crucial times. Like, “WAKE UP THE TIME IS NOW!”

It only makes sense that if your soul finds itself in earthly embodiment at this time that it has been given the “where with all” by its creator to withstand all things and to rise above the shadows of pain and suffering.

We are aware that when we suggest this that some might become angered at such remarks. In truth, the anger is at oneself for the sense of hopelessness, fear, victimhood, or martyrhood that the soul feels. May we gently suggest, dear ones, that only by your willingness on inner levels to let go of the victim role can your spirit begin to awaken and realign your soul to assist you in taking charge.

Notice as you hear these words, how you are feeling. If you feel a sense of resistance to what we say, it is because the ego would rather not dictate such truths to you. The negative ego would prefer to keep you from full self-expression and under its rulership. One way the ego facilitates this process is by working “like the devil” to send you thought forms and images into the emotional and mental bodies which reinforce the negative already in action in your environment and world. The negative ego would prefer you carry an identity of helpless victim and unempowered mere mortal human.

We cannot stress enough the importance of making friends with your own subconscious mind. Please become aware that indeed many internal conflicts you experience come from the subconscious mind trying to desperately get your attention. Each soul has incarnated as a packaged being. You have within you the subconscious and conscious minds and the higher self. You are a threesome and this is good news. Your subconscious mind can be your best friend. However, it is your task to program it correctly so it can best serve you.

Each one also possesses an unconscious mind that is part of the entire collective unconscious of mankind. Your subconscious mind is also being fed by the collective unconscious and such mental food is often not in your highest nourishment. On the planet at this time, the collective unconscious absorbs much of the negativity of the minds of mortal men and it is projected back at the human race in the form of subtle and not so subtle messages. In the airwaves, in written words, indeed in all forms of the media and in politics and economics the words and actions echo positive and negative sentiments in the hearts of all. Inner and outer peace can only be found through each one quieting the inner mental and emotional self, quieting the restless, weary mind and returning to the inner self, deep within the soul. This is the sanctum of the real self and connection to spirit, to God/Goddess All That Is.

Now and for the coming times, it is more important than ever to discipline the self, if that is what is necessary to sit in quiet meditation, to sit in the love and light of the inner Christ who resides in us all. For it is through this inner focus and surrender and making oneself accessible to the inner light, that one truly becomes reconnected to source, to power, and to the powerful guiding light of spirit within.

It is time now to wake up! Wake up, we say, to your true divine nature. Awaken to the powerful beauty and bliss of who you truly are and are becoming. Even Jesus sat at the feet of the master, his God being within. Even Jesus, while in physical body, needed to feel his connection to the divine. Can one imagine Jesus‘ life without prayer, quiet, and solitude? (Would you spend 40 days alone in the desert?).

For possibly hundreds of thousands of incarnations, your very souls may have lived not only on Earth, countless times, but in/on other star systems, planets, and galaxies, as well as, in other bodily forms.

Wake up dear ones! You are not babes in the woods. Your soul knows of what we speak. It is time for each one to not only evaluate one’s life and life purpose, but to more deeply reconsider where we are headed as a collective humanity. Shall we leave it to the collective unconscious to carry us over the threshold? Best not! As the saying goes, if you do not know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? How will you know if it is where you want to be? It is not enough to know where you do not want to be.

Humanity is headed down two distinct roads, with many “shadow roads” within. One path speaks of major upheaval globally, of major turmoil in every way and great loss of life. It is about political, economic, geophysical, cultural, societal, and even the areas of doctrine and dogma, being broken down. Cultural norms will dissolve, with structures being broken down. Beasts shall be carried on the back of the dragon.

Another path speaks of supreme beauty, of clear purpose of intent, of internal and external martyrdom no more. It speaks of an ultimate land of enchantment, of mystical reunion with the divine, of each soul serving the higher good. It is a possibility of cultures coming together to uplift mankind, to rise above a potential and already active path of destruction, and to take charge from a much higher vantage point. It is about sons and daughters of God being activated and rekindled by the love in their hearts and by the fire of their souls.

Yes, the times have and ARE changing! This can’t be denied. Go deep within and focus. The future that is upon us need not be black and white; the middle road awaits us all. What is the middle road of which we speak? The middle road allows for healing and cleansing and yet is a road where souls “stand their ground” for truth, justice, and light! You can and you will! You are the love that makes the difference. Do not underestimate the power of YOUR divine love!