The Blue Star

by Archangel Michael

Deep within your being there is a light so precious it defies the active imagination. Wanderlust is a gift given from the source of who you are, the  true radiant being within you. Dear ones, you have yet to grasp the fullness of the latitude and depth of the true uniqueness of who you are, have been, and will be as the All in ONE. It is the fire within the seedling, the spark of life that gives unto you itself and the power of regeneration, of harmonic attunement with the universe, and the foreseeing and foretelling of mysteries from days of old, yet to be realized and seen in its entirety in this lifetime.
For upon the horizon a great many changes are to take place, one by one, all at once, forever and never, and now. What does this mean to a kindred spirit such as yourself? It means that you and your brothers and sisters of planet earth, of Tara, the 6th universal dimensional planet from within the Christos, (the lavish, the unification of the fire element within the heart chakra) shall be called to rise to the occasion, so to speak. For within your very beings you have been coded with a precious and sacred code of, shall we say, spiritual ethics, a call to universal action, a call to the fiery code within the light body first and of the physical body secondly, to act at a particular time and times when your soul hears its name called from the hum of the sacred tone within and embedded in your heart of hearts, the fire of longing and being within all truth, from vast kingdoms on high.

For my sheep know my name and my call and my sacred fragrance of universal love, saved for none, love eternal overflowing. Come bask in the sun dear ones, come bask in the light of who you are through me, the Sacred High Self within the ancient Cosmic Christ’s light eternal, never wavering, never off the beaten path.

From spiritual dimensions we come, a force of light, an army of spirits from the source. Joyfully we seek to answer your every curiosity and to assist you to fulfill your dreams for mankind, for all spirits within the beginning of form, until you surge back to the source, your true and only home. Of what is this I speak you ask, and rightly so. Magic, no more, for the invisible is yes, becoming the visible, the unreal, the real.

Lost stars find their way back to me; thou art never alone dear ones and we love you all more than you will ever fully know while in the physical body at the present time. You are on the most holy of paths, the path of loving yourself enough to allow the divine presence to flow through you to transform you entirely and to eventually carry your soul on a river of liquid light back to the source from which you came, eons ago, in another time and space which knows no boundaries, no limits, no barriers, nor sense of separation from the infinite wholeness of creation.

Know that our words can only portray a fraction of the value of what we speak. Do not be frustrated or place any automatic limitation on the mind or the inner reception to this dictation. For the love and truth is encoded in our words and in the love between the words and in the space between the love, yet there is no space between love, for only love exists.

Space between the essence is called time in your dimension. Do not be ruled by time and more so, by the faulty appearance of time and apparent boundaries and limitation. For my Father-Mother God within heavenly domains knows no time, no impairment, no boundaries, nor lack or limitation whatsoever.

Yours is not to continue to master limitation any longer, but to arise from the fixation of self-imposed limitation and its illusion of limited and narrow splendor. For splendor is a natural element of the divine and a natural gift and element of the essence from which all resources flow from within and without. It is all truth, all meaning, all elemental forces within universality, and within this dimension and time frame.

How deeply you are loved, yet how some fear the prognosis of a long and healthy life. Why? Because your souls truly long for thy sacred home.

A star, shining so brightly so long ago and seemingly removed from outer vision, now heads your way, to metropolis Earth. Seek the Blue Star and the being of radiance within the Blue Star. For it was once and shall be again your taskmaster, the divine tool to light your way, to shine truth upon the path for one and all. Like a finely tuned arrow, a neon heavenly sign, the Blue Star comes and sooner than you think.

Like pounding surf, the Blue Light comes bringing a ray of hope, a beam of tectonic truth to an otherwise seemingly dry, lifeless, and dull planetary body. For as a whole, beings on Earth have become dry and weary within their souls. Some no longer even thirst for the light, the milk of radiance from which they come.

Forgotten in the pages of historical times and dreaded defeat, the famous Christian soldiers and the Universalists alike have given up nearly all hope, and await the fiery flame of destruction of internal disgrace and external annihilation from the source.

Be that as it may, you and your kind, brothers and sisters of light, must fly above, must break free from the illusions of the antagonist, the paradoxes, and mythical illusions of the world chaos, destruction, and doom.

Do not, we repeat, do not give power to the popular self-imposed illusion of no hope. Do not drop the cosmic ball. Awaken and remember that you were aware of and informed of the impending period in history, of each and every moment toward the upcoming monumental horizons of change. Do not startle the soul into believing that what we speak is not true. Arise to the call within you. Awaken to the source. What is required is a relinquishment of all that you place before me in this time and space and particularly on the inner dimensions of your soul’s blueprint, of the inner scripts of unspoken law.

“Do unto yourself as I have done unto you”, means, put no other Gods before the Lord of your Being. Place none other as the object of your desire, before the inner teacher, the revealer of the Holy Cosmic Christ presence within the heart and mind of God. It also means to respect the inner light, attune to that light and hold that frequency of vibration for one and all to seek, savor, feel, recognize, digest and assimilate. Do not come down to another’s level but arise to walk up the sacred steps from the dirge of inner entombment to the place of lofty flight and genuine fanciful light and essence.

Know that we are ONE. I AM that I AM and all is very well, truly well indeed. I am Michael, Choran of the 1st Blue Ray. I walk with you now as you take your places in the pinnacles of time, to assist in ushering in the Bluest of Light into your light bodies, to serve as a protective shield and catalyst for yourselves and for Mother Earth.

December 28, 1996